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Reduce your life's complexity.

All flex/cafeteria plans--and other tax qualified pension and welfare benefit plans--must submit an annual informational return called the "Form 5500."

The US Department of Labor (DOL) has recently taken over the "Form 5500" process and turned an archaic paper/pencil form into a sophisticated but more complicated system.

Benefit Innovations, Inc. is one of a very few companies certified by the DOL's EFAST program to prepare their new machine print, bar coded forms.

We can help you. We will either:

  • Prepare your forms from data you send us.
  • Provide a copy of our forms preparation software.

Cafeteria plan submissions(5500 and a Schedule F) are prepared for $95.

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If you need more complicated forms prepared or pricing information on our forms preparation software, please E-mail us your request.


If you are already our FlexWorks™ or Full Admin client, your 5500 prep. is free! Call us now.

5500 forms are generally due by the end of the 7th month after the end of your plan year. Don't be late, there are penalties!

You may file for an extension of time using the IRS Form 5558.

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