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Not All Flex Plans Are Created Equal!

A flexible benefit/cafeteria plan is simply a kit of tools to achieve your benefit objectives. But, if you are not careful, it is possible that someone elses objectives might receive higher priority.

The objective we seek to help you meet is simple:

Build a benefit program to increase profits and expand paychecks.

We acheive that by:

  • Cutting the cost of plan administration
  • Increasing your independence from insurance carriers and their administrators
  • Reducing your (and your employee's) insurance costs
  • Increasing the value of your benefit package

Compare our approach to some of the others you'll encounter:

Hide Rate Increases? Some flex plans have been used to help an insurance carrier "sell" a large rate increase--hiding it with the tax savings from flex. But, this only works once and it won't produce the insurance or flex plan you want.

Selling More Insurance? The tax savings from flex can be used to cut the apparent cost of "voluntary" insurance products. The subsidy creates a great environment for selling a lot of insurance but, what about the flexible spending accounts that your employees need? You don't need a flex plan that has become a platform for over-selling insurance products.

Creating a benefit monopoly? Some insurance providers "sell" flex plans as a loss leader to establish their "control" over your benefit plan. But, since their profits come from insurance sales, flex plan compliance and effectiveness are seldom acheived.

Benefit Innovations, Inc. uses flexible benefit/cafteria plans to give you what you want. Our independence from insurance guarantees it.


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