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Founded in 1991 to:

...turn employee benefits into expanded profits and larger paychecks!

That's our mission and our products and services show it. They:

  • Cut benefit administration costs
  • Reduce employee and employer taxes
  • Increase the value of benefits to employees
  • Help employers make better benefit decisions
  • Cut insurance costs
  • Put employers back in charge of their benefit budgets

We put the tools to tame benefits into employer's hands.

WE ARE NOT an insurance company or administrator.

Instead,we make employers better purchasers of benefit products by giving them the tools to select the most effective products from among the baffling array available...and to organize them to expand profits for employers AND generate larger paychecks for employees.

Because we are independent of insurance companies and their administrators, we can insure that your benefits actually this goal.



Our mission guarantees cost-effective programs.

We are independent of insurance carriers and their administrators.

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