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What if your business could have a complete, professional flexible benefit plan for less than $4 per week--for the entire group?

With FlexWorks™ you can! (A one-time setup fee applies).

FlexWorks™ is a unique system for planning and managing flexible benefits/cafeteria programs.

With just a few mouse clicks each pay period, our Windows™ based software system will:

  • Manage your plan--and do it in less than 30 min. per payday!
  • Make you independent from insurance companies/administrators
  • Expand coverage with flexible spending accounts (FSAs)
  • Make quick and easy reimbursements of employee's benefit expenses

Plus, you'll have "800" line technical support on all related software, plan and benefit questions.

As you can see, FlexWorks™ is a lot more than software, it's a complete, professional system that even puts our staff on retainer to you.

This simple, low cost system is a "must" for even the smallest business. Plus, if you already have a flex plan, FlexWorks™ will improve your benefits and eliminate the cost of outside administration.

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