Already Have A Flex Plan?

A number of our clients had already implimented a flex plan, in one form or another, before switching to FlexWorks™. But they found that their earlier plan was unsatisfactory in one or more ways.


Their plan only covered medical (or other) insurance premiums--unfortunately, the flex tax savings were spent on more insurance. They use FlexWorks™ to double employer and employee savings by adding "Flexible Spending Accounts" and reducing their reliance on insurance.


Many businesses outgrew their "home grown" administration system. They use FlexWorks™ to improve employee communication, speed, efficiency, reports, and to get professional help with compliance and federal reporting.


Most found that outside administration costs were too high and/or service was low quality. They use FlexWorks™ to eliminiate the cost of outside administration, improve control and provide better service.


Many businesses discovered that their plan had been turned into a platform for selling extra insurance rather than using FSAs to reduce insurance needs. They use FlexWorks™ to increase employee savings and reduce their insurance costs--turning their flex plan back to its basic objectives.

If you already have a flex plan, FlexWorks™ can breath new life into it while we cut your (and your employees') costs.


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