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You wouldn't have a complicated, costly surgery without a second opinion. Why buy a complicated and costly insurance plan without one?

Benefit Innovations, Inc. has taken the "mystery" out of insurance plan evaluation and in a few days can provide you the information you need to select the medical insurance plan that is right for your group.

Our written analysis will show you:

  • The net cost of each plan in the medical situations experienced by employees
  • The total benefit costs experienced by your employees under each plan
  • How to compare networks and other unique features
  • How to make minor changes in plan design that will make major changes in benefits and costs
  • The additional questions that agents should answer before you make your final selection

If you'd like us to provide a complete 2nd Opinion review, you can order it by clicking here.

P.S. We will be using the same methods outlined in our planning guide, "Bottom Line Benefits." To learn more cick here.


A business owner recently confided, "I know my industry and can make most business decisions with ease. But, when it comes to making insurance and benefit decisions, my legs turn to jelly."

An independent review from professionals who do not receive a commission, you'll have an unbiased second opinion.

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