Benefit Tune-Up 
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Building Better Benefits 


Let Benefit Innovations, Inc. review your employee benefit program and report to you the ways you can:

  • Cut costs and expand benefits.
  • Cover 100% of employees' benefit expenses at no additional cost to your business.
  • Make your benefits tax-efficient.
  • Get “more bang for your benefit buck!” and increase the perceived value of employee benefits.
  • And much more.

After your benefit Tune-Up you’ll know which benefits to add, subtract and/or change to meet company and employee objectives.

Just order the Tune-Up and send us:

  • A census of your employees
  • An explanation of how benefits are funded
  • And a BRIEF descriptions of your current plans

Include a description of medical and disability insurance, vacation, sick and other leave plans, retirement/savings plans and supplemental/voluntary insurance.

The Tune-Up includes a telephone briefing with your executive and we salesman will call! But, when you call them, you'll be able to give them their marching orders--you'll be in charge of benefits.

To order a Tune-Up, press here.


You'll know just what to change to have a more effective benefit program.

We're not selling insurance, we're putting you back in charge of benefits!

Your Tune-Up will be ready in less than 14 days!

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