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Our new guidebook, "Bottom Line Benefits", puts the wisdom and experience of successful employee benefit plans into your hands--showing you how to use benefits to actually increase profits and expand paychecks.

We shine new light on benefits and provide:

  • A "foundation" of basic principles to replace the benefit myths that lead employers away from profitable plans.
  • Benefit "frameworks" that will give benefit decisions back to employees, eliminate taxes on benefit expenses, provide 100% coverage, create alternatives to insurance and reduced benefit costs.
  • Methods to "furnish" your plan with insurance and "un-insurance" options that will work for you and your employees.

Our employee benefit guide, "Bottom Line Benefits" will walk you through the benefit jungle to a benefit plan that will tame insurance and turn benefits into increased profits, expanded paychecks.

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HOW TO BUY insurance and buy less of it while covering more of your employees' expenses.

Take action and save $100! "Bottom Line Benefits" includes a $100 discount on our self-administered benefit management system--FlexWorks™.

We can put these ideas into action at your business. Check out our "Benefit Tune-up" and "2nd Opinion" services.

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