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If not properly planned, insurance and other benefits can be a great waste of corporate funds and employee compensation--a huge drag on profits and paychecks.

And yet, most businesses are bombarded weekly with proposals from erstwhile insurance agents to change and add more benefits but with no way to evaluate the effect on profits and paychecks or any way to compare cost and measure value.


"Bottom Line Benefits" is our unique benefit planning guide written for employers who want to tame insurance and benefits. You'll learn how benefits are really funded and how to select the right benefit options for your company to get the most from your and your employees' benefit dollars.

A "Benefit Tune-Up" will apply many of the principles and ideas outlined in "Bottom Line Benefits" to your business and current benefits. We'll provide a strategy that you can implement now to cut your costs and improve benefit coverages.

Our "2nd Opinion" service will take the medical insurance quotes you've received and identify the most cost effective options and ways--you'll probably be suprised at the results!

With these services, Benefit Innovations, Inc. will guide you and your employees to a truly unique, profit centered approach to benefits.


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