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START HERE! (Phase One)

FlexWorks™ provides the benefit basics you need. When you implement this unique flexible benefit/cafeteria plan system, you will:

  • Eliminate the cost of outside administration
  • Convert employees' medical premiums, out-of-pocket medical and daycare expenses into tax-free benefits
  • Give individual employees control over their own benefit decisions
  • Become independent from insurance

This one step can cut benefit expenses by 1/3! And, it is simple to accomplish. There is no need to change current insurance plans! FlexWorks™ is so easy to implement, small businesses can have a plan up and running in less than 30 days!

THEN... (Phase Two)

Once FlexWorks™ is in place, you'll want to use its power to make better selections of insurance products and start to coordinate benefits more effectively…your business will want to do this even if you are new to FlexWorks™.

Our new benefit guide--"Bottom Line Benefits"--provides the basic principles necessary for business owners to:

  • Gain control of your benefit budget
  • Get out from under impossible benefit decisions
  • Provide 100% coverage
  • Optimize all 4 methods of coverage to cut costs
  • Select the right insurance plans

With this book, you can turn benefits into more profits and larger paychecks!


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Relax! We’re not selling insurance. We want to give you the principles that can turn all your benefits into increased profits and expanded paychecks.

check out our revolutionary book, "Bottom Line Benefits." Click here.

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