You're Not Too Small For FlexWorks™

Some companies have overlooked the advantages of flexible benefit plans, thinking that these plans were just for large employers who could afford extensive benefit programs and benefit management staff.

This might have been true in the past, but FlexWorks™ makes flex so simple and low cost that all employers can now benefit from flex plans.

Small companies have the greatest need for flex plans. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) provide a no-cost method of permitting employees to expand their individual benefits to cover the medical, dental, vision and daycare expenses that their companies cannot cover.

FlexWorks™ can manage your flex plan in 15-30 minutes of your bookkeeper’s time per pay period.

The comprehensive support package provided by Benefit Innovations, Inc. eliminates all the complexity--there is no need to hire extra staff to manage your benefits.

Plus, Benefit Innovations, Inc. has priced this system for small employers. After a modest, one-time setup fee, the on-going cost averages less than $4 per week for the entire group!


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